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4 Benefits of Hiring Employees

Looking for an extra pair of hands in your business? If you’re here, we imagine the answer is yes, and you’re hoping to figure out the best option for you. Independent contractors and employees each hold their own merits, but today we’re going to focus on employees.

Let’s Clarify

Before we get into those all important benefits, let’s make sure there’s no confusion surrounding employees.

Employees are individuals who work under an employment contract. As such, employers are responsible for working out each employee’s status in both employment and tax law.

Now that’s been cleared up, let’s get into those all important benefits!

No.1 - Culture Fit

Culture fit is vital to cultivating a healthy and thriving working environment. By hiring employees, you have the power to create a team of individuals who uphold your company ideals, core values and ethics. This has been proven to have huge benefits on overall morale and productivity!

No.2 - Training

Although this may seem like a bit of a chore, training employees allows you to have a team of experts in the precise areas that you need. By being in control of the training that your staff is given, you can ensure the things that are most important to your business are being done to the highest standard - creating a team you can trust and rely on.

No.3 - Core responsibilities

This is a big one. By hiring an employee, you’re in control of their workload, meaning core responsibilities can be spread across workers. The benefit of this is that you free up a load of time, which will allow you to focus on the important stuff, while being safe in the knowledge that the work is being completed to a high standard.

No.4 - Reliability

Fourth and finally, we have reliability. Although independent contractors have their own merits, they can’t compete with the reliability of an employee. If a last minute task pops up, you know you have an extra person ready to take on additional work at no extra cost. Without an employee, you’d have to seek an independent contractor, which is likely to take up time and energy as you seek an appropriate individual.

Want to learn more?

We hope these benefits have helped make your decision a little easier. If you’re looking to learn more about hiring contractors and employees, check out our E-Guide today. By downloading, you’ll be let in on all the trade secrets, such as:

  • How to create your startup hiring plan in four stages
  • Information on tracking your hiring process
  • Steps involved in making a job offer
  • Considerations for hiring new employees in terms of compliance with the law
  • What to consider when preparing for a new employee, including misconduct policy, absence policy and business standards etc
  • Considerations for hiring contractors
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