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Check Out Our New Website!


The same award winning financial support, a sleek, new look.

Accountancy doesn’t have to be boring and our stylish new website proves that fact. But we’ve added a little… spice.

We haven’t compromised on our award winning services, but in it, you’ll discover new finance tools, resources and a few other tricks for startups. These include an R&D tax credit calculator, the ultimate repository of finance advice for startups and more.

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We haven’t packed it with bells and whistles that confuse you, no. Behind every sleek line and responsive button is a purpose. To educate, encourage and support startups as they begin their growth journey.

We are the #1 financial partner for Startups for a reason!

On average we’ve increased the revenue of Startups by 300%, we’d have done it sooner with the natural experience our brand new website provides. You’ll still find familiar faces, despite their cosmetic upgrades, including:

Each one with free, state of the art bookkeeping software that is supported by our AI powered systems.

But you’ll also find so much more.

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Your startup accountancy needs

Accountancy may just be numbers, but your business has its own particular niche and needs.

In response to our growing network of startups from different sectors, we’ve drawn up specialised finance support for:

Our growing network of accountants, CFOs and number wizards have experience across multiple industries. Thankfully you’ll always find a member of our team that knows exactly what your startup’s needs are.

The guide you need, when you need it

Our financial guides for startups are equipped with filters so that you can find what you need, in just a few clicks! Simply select your problem and find that accountancy problem you’ve been struggling with!

Not only that but we’ve introduced a whole new range of content in our

School of Startups

Designed for Startups and SMEs, the School of Startups is a free database that is a combination of guides, videos, webinars and interviews with successful CEOs, Investors and more.

Listen to first hand experiences from the startups who made it. From the Directors that started from the bottom, faced the same struggles that every small business wrestles with and made it through to the other side.

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On our brand new website you’ll also find other tools such as our:

R&D Tax Calculator

In just a few keystrokes you’ll receive a close estimate of what your startup could be entitled to in R&D Tax Credits.

This R&D Tax Calculator may just be an estimate, but it can give you an idea of the potential savings available for your business. Our team has already successfully claimed back £30 million+ for our network of startups, wouldn’t it be great if your business could get that money back too?

Our team can guide you through the process of claiming it, and our bookkeeping software helps you build it in manageable chunks once you decide to regain the revenue your business deserves.

So what are you waiting for?

You have a flashy new website with as many tools and resources as you could need, the only question is when are you going to use it?

Talk to one of our finance specialists today to learn more about the services on offer. Or if you’d prefer just ask some of our previous clients about the award-winning financial support that has helped them save money and scale up their businesses.

We are ready. Are you?

#1 finance partner for tech & eCommerce startups

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  • Full finance stack for all your accounting needs
  • 9/10 customers recommend us
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