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The Fertility Startups to Watch in 2022 & 2023


Thanks to advances in fertility tech, fertility startups are a fast growing market. Estimated to be worth over $45 billion globally by 2027, the global fertility market size is set to double its size from 2020.

The USA has led the charge in health tech, with many employment plans now covering IVF treatments, egg freezing and many others in their packages. However, that doesn’t mean Europe is far behind as we see fertility startups gaining more and more traction with Series A & B funding across the board.

fertility startups

What treatments are fertility startups offering?

With fertility tech well on its way to growth, we’ll be seeing many more healthtech startups for fertility coming up with cutting edge ideas. Despite Octopus Venture’s investor Matthieu Vallin insisting that:

“The capital invested in fertility is dedicated to reactive and well-known medical tech like egg freezing and IVF improvements”

The more we are seeing that it simply isn’t true. Some treatments directly encourage fertility within patients, and others simply minimise secondary factors that reduce the likelihood of pregnancy.

They can include:

  • Conception aids

  • Vaginal health testers

  • AI supported IVF treatments

  • Home testing kits

And many more. The great thing about this healthtech is that ingenuity is the limit!

fertility startups

Fertility startups to watch

Testmate Health

Prevention is the best cure. With STDs being the largest factor in infertility, this Swiss company is tackling the problem head on.

Their take on a simple STD test is designed to make it private, quick and easy to take control of. Slow access to tests means slow access to health, but with their physical test and app - that’s simply not the case.

Since Testmate’s founding in 2020, they have successfully raised over $2.7 million in seed money to provide easy healthtech to millions of consumers and connect them directly and anonymously to a doctor.


While IVF is a miracle for couples struggling to conceive, amidst other drawbacks, it can be incredibly invasive.

AiVF are getting rid of invasive biopsies by using their software knowledge to improve the chances. Artificial intelligence and computer vision can determine if an embryo is genetically suitable for transfer before an invasive biopsy. It’s radically improving the efficiency, costs and effectiveness of IVF treatments.

This SaaS platform is radically changing the landscape of fertility startups, and we are thankful for them!

Hertility health

This London based health and fertility clinic is changing the way we look at and understand our bodies. Hertility currently encourages understanding of our hormones through blood tests, in an effort to better attend to our own medical needs.

While their current focus is on female reproductive health, after a $4.2 million seed round it seems that they will be fast-growing. Hertility Health could soon have the potential scope to guide both women and men through their fertility journeys.

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Grip Fertility

Medical professionals one and all, their at home tests include vital statistics and data not normally seen on home fertility tests. Now any person can perform fertility tests in the comfort of their own home and come away with vital scientific insights such as egg count.

fertility startups


Healthcare should be accessible for all, and Gaia is a company that is making it so. This London based fertility startup is bridging the gap between those who can afford IVF and those who can’t.

With over $23 million raised in Series A funding this fertility startup is doing something right. They offer both payment plans and personalised health insurance for those trying to conceive via IVF. But the excitement doesn’t stop there as they are actually improving the effectiveness of IVF through a predictive algorithm that can actually analyse the probability of success!


IVF has a notoriously low success rate of under 30%. This leads to heartbreak, fatigue and a waste of resources.

ImVitro is applying AI to enhance IVF to greater potential. The Paris-based fertility startup phenomenally increases the success rate per cycle, gives analysis and advice on how to improve the chances and saves doctors hours of time by effortlessly evaluating embryos automatically.

June Bio

Last, but definitely not least, this London-based startup is taking vaginal health seriously. June Bio provides home testing for vaginal microbiomes, as well as 1:1 help and support on how to treat and improve any conditions.

This obviously plays a major part for any vagina owner trying to get pregnant and is leading to new breakthroughs in fertility treatments!

fertility startups

Our take away

The healthcare market is proving fertile ground for fertility startups. With infertility rates around the world rising, fertility tech is becoming more valuable than ever both in markets and for the individuals in question.

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